14” High Resolution Screen

High Resolution screen for best viewing and the most vivid colors. The screen shall not hurt your eyes, or tire you out. We have equipped the laptop with the latest technology for you to be able to work efficiently in any environment with any amount of light, comfortably and untiringly.

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Slim, Light, and Portable

The BizBook 1 is a slim and smart machine, easy to carry and light weight. Carry this machine with you to presentations, conferences, seminars and workshops, or to any recreational activities, this machine will not let you down. Easy to carry, light and with a smart design, it shall make an impression wherever you take it, and will back you up till its very end.

Intel Core i7, Windows 8/8.1

A robust core and a rich user interface equip this device for your efficient usage and business activities. With the powerful i7 at its core, it gives you the most powerful performance any notebook device can give you. Plus the Windows user interface makes working a breeze with its smooth and hassle-free system. With such features and more, the BizBook 1 is a must have.

Long Battery Life

The powerful battery shall last you through the day giving you smooth working without charging interruptions, and enabling you to carry your device anywhere anytime.