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While creating the slightly smaller nemesis of the Bliss, we tried to give it the best features plus an economic value. We made it for you, so you could afford a high performance phone that gives you the best functionalities but is not heavy on your pocket.
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Power & Performance

Quad Core Processor & Android Jellybean: Feel the power of a quad core processor with the most advanced mobile operating system, the Android Jellybean, along with access to a diverse market of dynamic apps covering all everyday functions.

Large Screen, Vivid Display, Smooth Transitions

Large 5 inch high resolution screen, with latest dynamic technology for vivid image viewing. Full HD with latest technology that makes transitions smooth and efficient. 5 point OGS touch screen for easy and comfortable usage.

Dual Sim

Use the phone with dual Sims, as you like and when you like. Manage both your Sims with no more than a simple touch. No more hassle of carrying multiple phones for different purposes, use one phone with multiple Sims: the Bliss 5”.

Lasts Through the Day

Powerful 2500mAh battery that gives you long battery time in one charge. Use your phone with freedom as you take it from one end of your day to the other end. Easily do your tasks without worrying about charging your phone through the day.