Power and Affordability, now together

The BlueBook 2 gives you portability with a high resolution screen, plus the combination of Intel and Windows for high quality machine efficiency. The light weight makes it ideal for you to carry around with you, and the long lasting battery gives you a break from the worry of charging in the middle of your meeting, class, seminar, workshop, etc. Add to it a smart exterior, and you have a laptop that you couldn’t resist owning.

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Performance with User Interface

While the Intel processors strive to provide you with the best possible performance and high quality efficiency, the easy to use user interface of the Windows operating system provides you with a rich and interactive user experience. The two pair together to give you a high quality machine that you can rely upon.

Long Lasting Battery

The powerful battery ensures that you get the longest possible time, so that you can attend your classes, workshops, seminars and meetings at your ease and without worrying for charging your laptop. Overall, with its light weight and sleek polished design, the BlueBook 2 makes it easier for you to manage your work and play life.