Power of Ferrari

With the M3, we upgraded our product and created a better phone with more power and speed and better features. With the performance and power of the Ferrari, you can claim to have a better experience playing games, watching movies, listening to songs, doing your work, or surfing the internet. Latest technology, fashionable design, and the power of four cores and the sweet Lollipop interface, the M3 is a smart device you’d want in your hand all the time.
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Do More with Four Cores

With the Quad Core Processor, the M3 mobile phone gives you access to do more with your mobile phone, converting it from a simple phone to a smart device with multiple functions.

Enhanced, Richer, Tastier

Android 5.1 Lollipop is Android's enhanced and richer mobile operating system, smoother, more efficient and much more user friendly. Its Play Store is filled with the most robust, popular and best applications in the market. With the Android system and the most diverse and dynamic app market at your fingertips, you can do so much with your mobile phone, and more.