Feel the Silence of Power Feel the Silence of Power

This special Nano PC with aluminium casing is so noiseless; you’ll hardly know you’re working on a high caliber machine. The speed and quality, accompanied with an elegant shape, enables you to place it anywhere, in home and office.

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Best Choice of being placed at Home and Office

Add some Beauty to your WorkAdd some beauty to your work

The NanoPC is a slim and smart machine, with high performance features. With thickness of 3.8 cm, and 0.9 L in volume, the NanoPC is a slim and light machine that you can, not just carry around with you like a book, but also add to any environment without marring its beauty. With an elegant outside box, smart buttons, and small volume, the NanoPC looks no more than a decorative item in your living room, your office, your study, anywhere you like.


Performance plus EntertainmentPerfomance plus entertainment

When you want to do your work, you get high performance and power with the Intel Core, plus excellent results when you want to use your NanoPC for entertainment. With WiFi, HDMI and DVI ports, you can have entertainment at your tip, when you want, where you want and how you want. Enjoy your life while doing efficient work.

Small Size, High PowerSmall size, high power

The Intel i3 with Dual Core processor, combine to give you power and quality. The Dual Core 1.8 GHz processor gives you high quality with efficiency and performance combined, for the best success of your business. The Intel HD Graphics enables you to do high demanding work as well as go easy.