Slim and Smart, Redefined slim and smart redefined

This elegant machine is so slim and small that it can fit on the bookshelf with the rest of your books. With the NanoPC, we have redefined slim, smart and elegant in combination of power, quality and performance. With NanoPC, you can enjoy a comfortable, speedy, smartly shaped PC with high performance features and ability to place anywhere without marring the beauty of the environment.

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Best Choice of being placed at Home and Office

Expandable Features

There are so many Connectivity and Communication options with the NanoPC that you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the number of things you can do with it. Connect it to the TV, use it as a presentation projector, use it for advertisements, connect to the internet via WiFi, connect to other devices via Bluetooth, plus headphone and audio devices.


Wireless Technology: One Step Ahead

With the wireless technology of NanoPC, you do not have to worry about any electric connection cable: the machine can be adjusted anywhere without worrying over wires and cables. This wireless technology gives you wide variety of options for the placement of your PC, plus helps you save space, as well as releases you from worries of long cables and socket connection problems. This gives you an energy saving and energy efficient machine, that boosts performance for heavy, demanding tasks, and lowering consumption for less hectic work.