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BlueSonic presents the 55 inch Smart LED TV, with a full HD experience like never before. With the BlueSonic’s 55” Smart TV we bring you a unique combination of vivid colors, vibrant image, clear picture never before seen in Afghanistan. With many connectivity options, perceive the true adventure of travelling to another world when watching your favorite shows. With the Dolby Digital Surround sound quality you will discover new ways of experiencing the reality. Convert your lounge into your personal home theatre.

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55 inch high definition led


Complete new experience and series, the BlueSonic Smart TV brings you several options to connect your television set into your home theatre, your monitor, or photo viewer. With vibrant colors and vivid imagery, your favorite shows will never be the same again. Once you discover the reality of 55BLSARTSM 55 inch Smart TV, you will never turn back.


Convert your 2D images into 3D and discover a whole new dimension of FHD. With the conversion facility, you can enhance your 2D experience into a more vibrant, colorful realm of 3D adventure, with more dimensions than you realized.