A Phablet by BlueSonic

When the sPalm was initially created, it was thought of as an all-purpose tablet. We wanted to give you an all-in-one package, easy to carry, with a rich interface, diverse collection of apps, and the easy to use phone feature added in. Then we gave it the option of a Sim card support, making it a “phablet”, i.e. a tablet with the added features of a phone. The result was sPalm 7.8”, an all in one phone plus tablet with everything from entertainment to work to phone calls at your fingertips.
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Feel the Power

The power of the Quad Core Processor in the sPalm gives you immense power and performance in a pocket sized tablet that can do innumerable tasks efficiently. From games to work to music to videos, everything is a piece of cake for this phablet.

Android Jellybean

With the robust Android 4.2 Jellybean mobile operating system at its back, a rich easy to use interface, smooth working and a diverse market full of useful apps for everything, the sPalm becomes your best companion you couldn’t afford not to have.

Snug Fit

The 7.8” screen can fit in pocket, backpack, purse, anywhere you wish. It is easy to carry, does not feel awkward when used as a phone, and has multiple options for you to customize and use it in whatever way you like. With a high resolution screen, it seals the deal.

Latest Tech, Long Life

With the latest Bluetooth software, Wi-Fi & 3G support, and a long lasting battery that will easily carry you through the day, the sPalm 7.8” has all that you want, in the perfect snug size.